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About Our Merchandise

More About Our Merchandise

      I decided to create a page to share a bit more about our merchandise. I will update this from time to time to share with my visitors. From the time I was a child I liked to try and sell things and I have always enjoyed arts and crafts as well. Through the years I have learned a lot about buying and selling and it has changed the way I look at things a lot. When some people go to sales all they see is junk. I however see treasure even in things that some might throw away. 

     Today a lot of people are more concerned about our enviroment and that is a good thing. I like to take things that others might throw away and either upcycle it or offer it to others to upcycle. Arts and crafts are a great way to upcycle. This is why you will see found objects, ephermera, old books that might be only good for tearing apart and crafting with, book pages, cards and all sorts of odd items in my store. Sometimes we have to look past the condition of an item and imagine what new creation might be made out of it. A lot of lovely art has been created from things that others have discarded. 

Items not available online:

     We have some items that we do not sell online. The main one is the things we grow. My husband is a gardener and has a 24′ × 60′ greenhouse as well as a smaller high tunnel and outside gardening. We have some beautiful tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, some cucumbers and other items for sale at our homestead. 
     Mid June 2021 right now and here is a picture of some of our tomatoes. We had just picked them and we pick them a little before they are completely ripe so they will not ruin too fast. They are delicious! We are selling these on the homestead on a donation basis so that everyone can afford them. Any extra we get allows us to give to those that can not afford them. Thank you for your patronage and God bless you all.